Current Tire Rack Discounts

tiresplusHow many times have our cars been left in the garage for weeks due to the non availability of the right replacement tire? Most of us have encountered this situation. Tires are prone to wear and tear due to usage. With the result, they need to be replaced to ensure safety while driving. Driving with worn out tires also guzzles fuel. The time lag in buying the replacement tires is now minimized with the availability of online retailers who stock on all automobile replacement and spare parts.

Tire Rack- The One Stop Shop For Tire Purchases

If you are looking for specialists in tires, it is obviously Tire Rack. It has been in the market since 1979 and is the most sought after online store for buying automobile replacements. Tire Rack maintains an inventory of tires and wheels of all leading brands. Customers can narrow their search through their easily navigable website, You can search for tires based on brand, model and make of the vehicle. Tire Rack offers convenience of shopping for your automobile spares and replacements from home.

Choosing the right tires is indeed a niche area and Tire Rack has a host of professionals who will recommend the right tire for your automobile.

Product Range

Tire Rack in addition to offering tires and wheels also has on its inventory other automobile parts. These include brakes, wipers, suspension, lighting systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, mud flaps and other accessories like air pressure gauge and batteries. They also maintain in stock summer tires, winter tires and all season tires from leading brands.

Order Placing

You can place the order for any number of tires you need to replace. Tire Rack professionals who are experts will offer selection of tires based on the model and make specified by you. You can choose the tire and order it online.

Tire Rack has a vast network of installers across the continent. Your orders are directly shipped to your nearest installer to have them fixed. The time lag is also negligible.


Leading tire brands form part of Tire Rack’s inventory. You can thus be sure of getting quality first hand tires. All tires bought from Tire Rack enjoy manufacturer’s warranty.

Returns and Refunds

Usually, tires bought at Tire Rack fit your car like a glove. In the event of returns, you can do so within 30 days from the date of purchase to claim a refund. The only pre condition for returns and refund is that the tires should be unused.

Tire Rack Coupons

Replacing tires is a recurring expenditure. If your car usage is high and the quality if roads not too good, you might have to frequent Tire Rack to replace your tires. Tire Rack coupons help buyers to gain discounts while making their purchase of tires and other auto spare parts. You can also make use of Tire Rack’s gift certificates for family or friends.

If you own a car, maintenance expenditure is recurring. To buy quality tires and automobile replacement parts at good discounts head to Tire Rack.